10′ Decade

Main cocoa processor

“Our vision has always been the satisfaction of our customers.”

In 2013, we developed a marketing project in non-traditional sales channels such as pharmacies, airports, among others. While in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, we open the doors to Casa Cortés, a meeting place for the knowledge and enjoyment of Caribbean art.

In 2014, we launched Cortes Premium Almendra, while on Isla del Encanto, we opened Choco Bar Cortés, an innovative gastronomic space where chocolate is the main star. We also developed and commercialized mainly in airports, a line of chocolate of superior quality called Forteza. This project takes its first steps through the promotion of cocoa planting and support Puerto Rican farmer and partner institutions.

Later in 2015 we introduced a fifth variety of Cortés Premium Cono & Cream with activations of tastings and tactical sales points. At the same time, the expansion of distribution in the local market begins, capturing tourist shops in the Bávaro-Punta Cana area.

Nowadays, the company has become the main cocoa and chocolate producer in the Caribbean basin.

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