50′ Decade

Expansion of the product range

“To reinvent yourself is to bet on yourself. It is believing in our decisions.”

In 1952, under the guidance of the visionary Ignacio Cortés Del Valle (son of Don Pedro), we successfully entered the international market with semi-processed cocoa products. The export gained markets given close collaborations with customers from abroad and introduction of modern approaches to quality. Two years later, in 1954, we moved to the new industrial facilities located in the Emilio Prud Homme and expanded the range of products for the consumer introducing Chocolate Cortes and Chocolate Ambassador to the market, the latter is emblematically remembered for the successful campaign ‘ ‘The Treasure In Your Home‘ ‘with its famous slogan’ ‘Take Chocolate, pay what you owe‘ ‘whose mechanics was to exchange labels for money. Today, Chocolate Embajador is a country brand that continues to preserve its traditional flavor and bar format.

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