Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Develop, produce and market products related to food and well-being, which create exceptional experiences.

Our Vision

A diversified company with a significant international presence in the food and welfare categories.

Our Values


We appreciate our associates and develop their potential in a respectful and stimulating environment.


We are committed to quality and effectiveness in our processes, products and services.


We promote the generation of new ideas that move us to a higher level.


We fully comply with all commitments, maintaining our credibility with clients and related parties.

Our History

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    Foundation of the company

    “The attitude of Mr. Pedro Cortés Forteza determined our destiny.”

    The company Cortés Hermanos was founded in 1929 by Pedro Cortés Forteza in the city of Santo Domingo, who with his leadership distinguished himself by promoting tradition, quality, discipline and constant commitment to their customers. Qualities that to this day remain preponderant in the company, leading us towards excellence and constant improvement and allowing us to experience sustained growth over time.

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    Start of export to Puerto Rico

    “A good entrepreneur, few ideas are enough”

    In 1931, Don Pedro Cortés Forteza saw new horizons and great opportunities in Puerto Rico, where he immediately began exporting chocolate, but it was not until 1937 when Don Pedro expanded his operations to Puerto Rico by installing an additional processing plant there.

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    Expansion of the product range

    “To reinvent yourself is to bet on yourself. It is believing in our decisions.”

    In 1952, under the guidance of the visionary Ignacio Cortés Del Valle (son of Don Pedro), we successfully entered the international market with semi-processed cocoa products. The export gained markets given close collaborations with customers from abroad and introduction of modern approaches to quality. Two years later, in 1954, we moved to the new industrial facilities located in the Emilio Prud Homme and expanded the range of products for the consumer introducing Chocolate Cortes and Chocolate Ambassador to the market, the latter is emblematically remembered for the successful campaign ‘ ‘The Treasure In Your Home‘ ‘with its famous slogan’ ‘Take Chocolate, pay what you owe‘ ‘whose mechanics was to exchange labels for money. Today, Chocolate Embajador is a country brand that continues to preserve its traditional flavor and bar format.

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    Strategic alliances

    “We have found opportunities in collaboration.”

    This decade is marked by negotiations in Puerto Rico with the coffee family with the surname Sobrino, who were in charge of producing Cocoa that Cortes Hermanos sold in square canister formats. This product was introduced in the Dominican Republic and today is the instant cocoa par excellence of the country.

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    New releases

    “Satisfied customer, our best strategy.”

    A decade of diversification and amplification in the commercial scope for Cortés Hermanos. After the success of Cocoa Sobrino in the market, in 1971, we managed the same in its entirety and then launched the strawberry flavor and a new format in knob.

    For 1977, we entered the market with Diplomatic Chocolate in the Cibao area. This product obtained immediate acceptance by the consumer. And after the productive and commercial growth of the company, export begins in other markets such as the United States and Europe.

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    New Candy Bars

    “We do not create brands, we create solutions to chocolate needs.”

    The Cortés Hermanos company has a new president, Mr. Ignacio Cortés Gelpi. At the beginning of its management a whole line of Candy Bars was launched with the Mas Mas, Crachi, Rocky and Mr. Milk brands, which were sold in supermarkets and wholesalers, making themselves known publicly through television advertising and radio.

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    Market expansion

    “Constant growth is our mechanism of excellence.”

    To meet national and international demand, we carried out modernizations, renovations and expansion of the cocoa collection centers and warehouses in the Dominican Republic.

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    Chocolate Cortés Premium

    The development of the strategy to create a new line of premium Chocolate Cortés in its exquisite cone, cocoa and coffee flavors was started. The change of image of the Diplomatic and Nephew chocolate was also implemented.

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    Main cocoa processor

    “Our vision has always been the satisfaction of our customers.”

    In 2013, we developed a marketing project in non-traditional sales channels such as pharmacies, airports, among others. While in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, we open the doors to Casa Cortés, a meeting place for the knowledge and enjoyment of Caribbean art.

    In 2014, we launched Cortes Premium Almendra, while on Isla del Encanto, we opened Choco Bar Cortés, an innovative gastronomic space where chocolate is the main star. We also developed and commercialized mainly in airports, a line of chocolate of superior quality called Forteza. This project takes its first steps through the promotion of cocoa planting and support Puerto Rican farmer and partner institutions.

    Later in 2015 we introduced a fifth variety of Cortés Premium Cono & Cream with activations of tastings and tactical sales points. At the same time, the expansion of distribution in the local market begins, capturing tourist shops in the Bávaro-Punta Cana area.

    Nowadays, the company has become the main cocoa and chocolate producer in the Caribbean basin.

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